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Capabilities of Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine

Best Visual Analysis with No Limits

Key Benefits

No-Limits, extreme performance for business intelligence and enterprise performance management applications

Rich visualizations deliver insights at the speed of thought

First engineered system for analytics delivers unmatched speed, intelligence, simplicity and manageability

Adaptive in-memory cache intelligently caches the hottest data

Fast deployment of analytics applications

Oracle Exalytics features a number of user interface enhancements to leverage the powerful compute capacity and abundance of memory. Visual analysis with no limits is enabled by intelligently caching the hottest data in-memory using 1 TB of RAM. For data not available in-memory, Oracle Exalytics transparently ships the queries to underlying data sources. Features like auto-complete prompt fields, performant cascading prompts, and contextual right-click interactions (for totals, top-N queries, calculated items, etc.) make it easier for the end user to analyze data and enable insights at the speed of thought. A dynamic user interface complements large amounts of data under the covers; while rich visualization capabilities, including a wide range of interactive chart types, maps, and tabular formats, present business information in meaningful and compelling ways.

Smarter Analytical Applications

Oracle Exalytics delivers the widest range of reporting and analysis capabilities on a single, integrated system including hardware, software & storage.

Certified for Oracle’s Analytic Applications

Oracle Exalytics delivers out of box support for most BI & EPM applications available from Oracle. This delivers fastest time to value by making the purpose build reports, dashboards and data marts for ERP, CRM, EPM and Industry analytics available out of the box.

Foundation for a new class of Analytic Applications

Oracle Exalytics’s unmatched speed, visualizations and scalability delivers extreme performance for existing analytical and enterprise performance management applications and enables a new class of visually compelling analytic applications so organizations can gain better insights, take better decisions and deliver better results.