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Overview: Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine

Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine X2-4 is the industry’s first engineered system for in-memory analytics that delivers extreme performance for Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management applications. Built using industry-standard hardware, market-leading business intelligence software and in database technology, Oracle Exalytics is an optimized system that delivers answers to all your business questions with unmatched speed, intelligence, simplicity and manageability application redesign, Oracle Exalytics can be deployed in existing IT environments by itself or in conjunction with Oracle Exadata and/or Oracle Exalogic to enable extreme performance business user experience.

Key Features

2 or 4 TB of RAM

QDR (40 Gb/second) InfiniBand connectivity to Oracle Exadata & Oracle Exalogic

10Gb and 1Gb Ethernet interfaces

Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation for reporting, adhoc query, dashboards, scorecards and OLAP

Leading in-memory database for speed of thought analytics

Adaptive intelligent in-memory caching

Powerful visualizations

No application redesign

Compression of up to 10x for better memory management

Certified for Oracle BI & EPM applications

Automated configuration and management

First Engineered System for Analytics

Oracle Exalytics is a complete solution that includes best-in-class hardware, an enterprise BI platform and in-memory analytics software optimized to work together.

Oracle Exalytics Hardware

Oracle Exalytics features powerful compute capacity, abundant memory and fast networking options optimally configured for in-memory analytics of business intelligence workloads. Oracle Exalytics is powered by

either Oracle Sun Fire Х4-4 server with four Intel Xeon© E7-8895 V2 series processors with total number from 8 up to 60 of CPU cores, 2 TB of RAM, 7.2 TB of raw disk capacity, 2.4 TB Flash-disks, 40 GB/s infiniband ports and Ethernet ports,

or Oracle T5-8 server with T5 series processors with total number up to 40 of CPU cores, 4 TB of RAM, 9.6 TB of raw disk capacity, 6.4 TB Flash-disks, 40 GB/s infiniband ports and Ethernet ports.

Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation

Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation delivers best in class reporting, ad hoc query, OLAP, dashboards, and scorecards on an architecturally integrated business intelligence foundation. Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation running on Oracle Exalytics has been specially enhanced to take advantage of large memory, processors, concurrency, storage, networking, operating system, kernel, and system configuration afforded by the Oracle Exalytics hardware.

Oracle TimesTen In-Memory database for Exalytics

Based on Oracle Times-Ten In-Memory database, Times-Ten for Exalytics has been specially enhanced for analytical processing at in-memory speeds. With lightening fast scan speed of up to 100 million rows/second and enhancements like support for analytical functions and up to 10x columnar compression, TimesTen for in-memory analytics delivers faster reports & dashboards for departmental as well as enterprise wide consumption.