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Ease of Deployment, Management, and Support

Appliance Manager

To help customers easily deploy and manage their databases, the Oracle Database Appliance features Appliance Manager software for one-button automation to provision, patch, and diagnose database servers. The Appliance Manager feature greatly simplifies the deployment process and ensures that database configuration adheres to Oracle’s best practices. It also drastically simplifies maintenance by patching the entire appliance, including all firmware and software, in one operation, using an Oracle-tested patch engineered specifically for the appliance. Its built-in diagnostics also monitor the system and detect component failures, configuration issues, and deviations from best practices. Should it be necessary to contact Oracle Support, Appliance Manager collects all relevant log files and environmental data into a single compressed file. In addition, the Oracle Database Appliance Automatic Service Request feature can automatically log service requests with Oracle Support to help speed resolution of issues.

Pay-As-You-Grow Licensing

The Oracle Database Appliance offers customers a unique pay-as-you-grow software licensing model to quickly scale from 2 to 24 processor cores without any hardware upgrades. Customers can deploy the Oracle Database Appliance with as few as 2 processors cores to run their database servers, and incrementally scale up to the maximum of 24 processor cores. This enables customers to deliver the performance and high availability that business users demand, and align software spending with business growth.