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Benefits of Exalogic Elastic Cloud

Extreme Java Performance

1 A standard reference system has been developed by Oracle based on analysis of typical customer environments in use. This reference system uses the same number and type of Intel processors and the same amount of RAM and local disk storage. The reference system uses standard Ethernet network adapters and switches rather than Exalogic‘s InfiniBand fabric. Identical versions Oracle Linux and Oracle WebLogic Suite software are deployed to both the Exalogic system and the reference system. For deployment to Exalogic, all of the Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software enhancements are activated and configured, while the software deployed to the reference system uses default tuning and configuration. The Exalogic software enhancements cannot be used on non-Exalogic hardware.

The combination of Oracle Exalogic software and hardware results in substantial performance gains for Java-based applications running on WebLogic Server and other Oracle Fusion Middleware technologies. To understand the magnitude of gains achievable by running applications on Exalogic, we compare Exalogic performance to a typical alternative configuration1 in three representative examples.

Application Responsiveness (Latency)

We looked at several frequently-used operations in a typical Web application such as ‗Create Web Service, ‗Purchase‘, ‗Manage‘, and ‗Browse‘, and have measured improvements of as much as 14x in comparison with a standard platform.

Exalogic improves Web application responsiveness by up to 14x compared with a typical alternative.

Application Capacity (Throughput)

We compared the execution of core Java business logic using a representative benchmark test and saw an increase in application capacity — the number of operations per second — by as much as 60%.

Exalogic improves execution of core Java business logic by 60%.

Database Communication

In a third investigation, we looked at database-intensive application performance — in other words, what can Exalogic do for transactional applications that depend on frequent interactions with a database. Again, when comparing Exalogic with a typical hardware configuration for such an application, we found that Exalogic‘s superior processing combined with superior I/O to the database gives a 2-3x improvement in performance for database operations.

Exalogic accelerates database interactions by 2-3x.

Engineered Together Means Fast Set-Up and Efficient Operation

In addition to extreme performance, the fact that Exalogic‘s hardware and software have been engineered together also means that customers are required to do far less in setting up and running Exalogic than for alternative environments. Exalogic is tuned for a wide range of workload types — process-intensive, data-intensive, I/O-intensive, etc. — and thus there is no need to configure parameters for a particular environment. This translates to a reduction in set-up time by as much as 95%. But not only does this mean that there is less work to do to set up, it also means that all customers run the same Exalogic configuration that was tuned and tested at the Oracle factory, substantially reducing risk of errors, simplifying diagnosis, and enabling more efficient, lower-cost operation. Total costs can be reduced by as much as 60%.


The need for enterprise IT organizations to provide next-generation cloud features such as elastic capacity while meeting ever more demanding performance and reliability requirements is driving demand for a new approach to infrastructure. Whether workloads are Web-based or thick-client, whether data-intensive or processing-intensive, whether homogeneous or highly heterogeneous, the key to success is hardware and software engineered together for performance, reliability, and scale. Building or using custom, special-purpose systems for different applications is wasteful and expensive. Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, the world‘s first and only integrated middleware machine, dramatically surpasses alternatives and provides enterprises the best possible foundation for running applications.

By consolidating applications to Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, enterprises will:

Accelerate the performance of Java applications by as much as 14

Improve reliability and scalability beyond even the most mission-critical requirements

Reduce deployment effort by up to 95% and reduce costs by as much as 60%

We invite you to begin your datacenter transformation with Exalogic today.