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Exalogic Elastic Cloud — Foundation for Mission-Critical Cloud

For most enterprise IT organizations, years of innovation, expansion, and acquisition have resulted in sprawling infrastructure that stretches the limits of manageability. While the individual IT systems and applications in service are often well considered and expertly implemented, the sheer scale of the ongoing IT investment itself has emerged as the dominant concern. Even when best-of-breed technologies, open standards, market-leading vendors, and modern architectural practices like SOA have been employed pervasively, most enterprises now find themselves with too many platforms, too many technologies, too many domains of expertise, and too many vendors to coordinate and manage.

In response, a number of technologies and practices have become staples for large enterprises, ranging from virtualization and centralized storage to enterprise-wide standardization of software and hardware. Recently, however, the discussion of specific cost containment techniques has given way to a larger discussion of the transformation of IT from cost center to profit center. This transformation typically involves adoption of a more centralized, automated, and elastic infrastructure which is commonly referred to as private cloud.

Exalogic is an ideal platform to consolidate many different-type work loads.

Real-world approaches that truly deliver on the promise of private cloud will involve systems engineered together for maximum performance while balancing openness, reliability, cost, flexibility, and resource efficiency. Perhaps most importantly, these engineered systems must not be monolithic and it must be possible for enterprises to implement them over time, at a pace determined by real business needs and prudent investment timelines.

Many enterprise cloud efforts to-date have focused on consolidating non-mission-critical workloads such as testing environments due to lack of experience, trust, or confidence in new technologies and approaches. With Exalogic, enterprises can surpass or leapfrog such steps and bring the benefits of consolidation and elastic capacity to mission-critical, production workloads.

The Exalogic performance benefits are directly relevant for mission-critical applications. The maturity and design excellence of both Exalogic hardware and software confer a reliability that is second to none. The unique delivery guarantees and robust partitioning enabled by the InfiniBand interconnect fabric mean that widely varying workloads can run together on Exalogic with requisite isolation. And the wide scope of workload types supported by Exalogic‘s at-the-factory tuning mean that different workloads get Exalogic‘s performance benefits without individualized configuration that could compromise other workloads or lead to operational complexity.