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Authorized ORACLE Exadata administration course
with laboratory seminars using the real machine

Instructor: Olga Karbasova
Price: 57 540 rub.
The training course will take place at the following address: Moscow, 14/1 Grafsky per., 2nd floor, from 10:00 to 17:00.

To sign up for the class or to get more detailed information please contact Victoria Sheredko, FORS Training Center Manager:
Tel.: +7 (495) 913-75-75, ext. 221.

Exadata Database Machine Administration Workshop
FORS Training and Consulting Center
Duration: 3 days

Oracle Exadata hardware-software complex training is intended for database administrators, developers and experts in Oracle technologies. Upon completion of the course an international certificate of Oracle Corporation is awarded.

The participants will get practical knowledge and skills in the field of setting, testing, administrating, configuring, operating and scaling Oracle Exadata complex. The training course consists of two parts:

Introduction to Oracle Exadata Storage Server X2-2, including architecture features and key characteristics, means of set-up, operation optimization and performance management. Practical seminars will help strengthen this knowledge.

Introduction to Oracle Exadata Database Machine (DBM), including various DBM configurations. Installation and configuration processes will be reviewed with consideration of the peculiarities of the data to be processed.

The training course implies working with the real Oracle Exadata X2-2 Quarter Rack machine with real data and applications.

Considering high demand for this new service in the market as well as the need for preparation, you need to sign up for the course in advance.

In addition to the authorized course you can also take part in specialized seminars on this subject, attend FORS Partner Academy classes and lectures of leading foreign experts organized by FORS And Oracle.