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FORS provides the following migration services onto Oracle Engineered Systems:

It is important to know that:

Oracle Engineered Systems use the newest version of Oracle DBMS — Oracle 11.2.

If the application uses this version of the DBMS or has been successfully tested on Oracle 11.2, then the migration will not be required. All options of the solution are activated automatically.

If any "fine-tuning" of Oracle DBMS is required, we can recommend one of our special training courses, offered at ExaStack Studio.

Type and sequence of works related to migration of application systems databases onto Oracle Engineered Systems:

Determining the readiness of the Client’s application systems databases for migration;

Adaptation of databases required in case their format does not allow for maximum usage of the capabilities of the machine;

Elaboration of an individual method for migration considering the specificity of particular applications, which consists of:

Oracle DBMS migration methods,

methods of cluster environment deployment on the basis of Oracle Real Application Cluster,

methods of migrating the platform onto Linux,

developing recommendations for migration of applications,

load testing methods;

Load testing of an application on the real machine in cluster configuration. Evaluation of results;

Transferring application databases to the machine. Operation;

Consulting and technical support after migration.

In order to minimize idle time of the system during the transfer to Oracle Engineered Systems, particular attention should be paid to the development of a migration scenario.

In order to successfully start up the applications on Oracle Engineered Systems, they have to conform to the following requirements:

Compatibility with Linux OS installed on Oracle Engineered Systems.

Usage of cluster configuration (Oracle Real Application Clusters) because Oracle Engineered Systems operate with most efficiency in this environment.

Migration to the newest version of DBMS Oracle 11gR2.

Highly qualified experts of FORS can help you in any of those situations.